Life Groups

Life Groups at Community Church at Murphy’s Landing are small groups who meet together in people’s homes on a regular basis to fellowship with one another, discuss God and their faith, and serve one another as well as their communities. Life Groups are a great way to connect with others and to the life of our church while growing in faith and applying Biblical principles to everyday life.  
Be sure to stop by the Life Group table in the Gathering Place at church to learn more about how to become active in a Life Group. Life Groups meet at numerous locations (homes) and at different times throughout the week, so as to be convenient for your busy schedules.
We know that attending a Sunday service alone will not bring a person to full maturity in faith, which is why it is our desire that every regular attendee of our church be connected to and participate in an active Life Group as a vital part of growing in their faith.

What are distinctives of Life Groups?

  • Are ideally no larger than 12-15 per group, although some groups grow to be larger.
  • Take a balanced approach to all four elements of Fellowship, Group Discussion, Prayer and Service
  • Meet regularly (minimum of 2 times/month, although some meet weekly.)
  • Are led by Hosts in church member’s homes.
  • Are committed not only to serving one another, but to external ministry as well.
How do I join a Life Group? 
There are many ways to get connected to a Life Group:
By invitation – Receive an invitation by someone who is currently a Host to join their Life Group.
By request – Life Groups meet regularly at various times and locations.  Email Melodie Kent ( or the Church office to find a time and location that suits your schedule.  
Start your own group – If you think you may be interested in starting your own Life Group, please contact Melodie Kent ( to discuss the possibility of becoming a Host.