Instant Church Directory
To view our on-line church directory you must be a member or regular attendee of our church with an email address on file at the church.  You must also have an Instant Church Directory account.  To create an account CLICK HERE, then use the email address you provided to our church and create a unique password. 
View the directory on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Go to that device’s app store and search for “Instant Church Directory.”  Open the app and enter the email address and password you used to create your account. 
To receive a printed directory, contact Jenny Ernyour church Administrative Assistant,
Submit new or revised contact information for the directory, Below is suggested information you may wish to include in the directory:
– individual or family photo (can be taken with a smartphone)
– name of each family member
– home address
– home phone and/or mobile numbers for each family member
– email address for each family member
– birthday (day and month only)
– anniversary (day and month only)
 CLICK HERE if you have questions about our on-line church directory,