Church Directory
Our directory is available on-line through Instant Church Directory.  This service allows us to keep everything up-to-date while also saving printing costs.  Photos and contact information are stored securely on-line and can be viewed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 
To use our on-line church directory you must:
– Be a member or regular attendee of our church
– Provide your email address to the church
– Create an Instant Church Directory account (explained below.)
If this is your first time using our on-line church directory, CLICK HERE to create an Instant Church Directory account. Login using the email address our church has on file for you and enter a unique password. 
After you have created an Instant Church Directory account, CLICK HERE to view the directory on your computer.  If you have an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet, or Kindle Fire tablet, go to that device’s app store and search for Instant Church Directory.  Open the app and enter the Login and Password you used to create your account.  You will only need to do this once.  This app is a fast and convenient way to use the directory.
If you would like to print a directory yourself, CLICK HERE to have a password-protected directory emailed to you.  
To provide new or revised contact information for the directory, CLICK HERE.  You only need to provide information you wish to share with your fellow church members.  Below is recommended information you may wish to include in the directory:
– individual or family photo (can be taken with a smartphone)
– name of each family member
– home address
– home phone and/or mobile numbers for each family member
– email address for each family member
– birthday (day and month only)
– anniversary (day and month only)
If you have questions about our on-line church directory, CLICK HERE.