Four Things You Can Do

During these days of uncertainty and waiting for life as we once knew it to resume, I want to encourage you to do four things.

TALK: I know most of you are doing this already, but make a point to reach out to people around you, extended family and your church family. I want to challenge you this week to call at least three people from the church that you haven’t talked to in a while. You can use the church directory to get the number. Call a couple of your neighbors or drop a handwritten note in their mailbox or on their doorstep. And make sure you call members of your extended family to check in on them.

PRAY: Set a time each day to put your phone or computer down, turn off your streaming TV, and pray for your family, friends and neighbors. Make a list of people to pray for and spend a few minutes every day praying for them. Pray for our church, for ministries in our city, and for missionaries around the world.or

GIVE: I am grateful that so many of you continue your faithful giving to the church. This helps position us to be able to carry on in these trying times and be prepared for the future. Thankfully, we are able to continue supporting our missionaries who serve locally and around the world. You can give by either mailing your gifts to the church or giving on-line through our church website. Thank you for your faithful giving.

SERVE: You might be wondering; How can I possibly serve in these days of social distancing? There are ways you can still serve. 

Reach out to neighbors and see if they need anything. Offer to go pick up needed items for them at the grocery or pharmacy; mow their lawn; or pick up trash in your neighborhood.

Take meals from a drive-thru to first responders at hospitals, police stations, or fire departments.

Check in at local nursing homes to see if there are any ways you can help them.

Volunteer at food banks or food distribution centers.

Offer to help schools with any needs they have – maybe contacting parents or helping with on-line learning.

When we are free again, gratefully use your time to volunteer and serve in our community and city.

Above, all let’s not allow ourselves to become self-absorbed in our own little world during this time.
Former Pastor Paul Erny