Welcome Parents!

We want to invite your children to join us this Sunday as we commune to worship God and strengthen our relationships with one another. Our youth group, The Vine, is open to all kids between 6th and 12th grade.  We meet every Sunday evening from 5:30 to 7:00. A typical evening at The Vine includes a group game, a testimony from God’s word, and some small group time to unpack what we have learned. Thank you for considering us for your family’s spiritual growth. We hope to see you this Sunday! 

What is our Youth Ministry all about?

Our mission and vision statements represent the high standard that we are striving for our ministry to look like. We are a work in progress, but by God’s grace and power we will step closer to this vision every day.  

Mission Statement:

To cultivate Godly wisdom, unity and servitude by upholding a Gospel-centered youth ministry. 

Vision Statement:

Wisdom: We develop the wisdom of our students in three ways: incorporating them into our worship, plugging them into small groups and giving them opportunities to practice their knowledge in the real world. As a result, our students are able to see Christ’s story revealed throughout Scripture as a whole and are moved to share their knowledge with others.

UnityOur students are an example to the Church for what it means to live as members of one body. They are learning to love one another as only a family of close friends can. More and more every day they are revealing themselves to be the image of Christ’s body to the Church and to the world.

Servitude: Our students are discontent with only hearing and never speaking the truth of the Gospel. Every week they have been guided through what it means to be the mouth and feet of Jesus’ Church body. Although evangelism is expected of them, they choose to do it willingly out of the love of their own hearts. Because of their faithful servitude, they are beginning to meet the needs of our local community and are significantly changing the culture throughout our entire city.


Summary of Vision:

Our students are demonstrating growth in Godly wisdom, unity and servitude as a result of the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Main Goal:

Facilitating real growth in our youth by teaching them to embody Christ to others.  

Relevant Scripture:

Matthew 28:18-20, 12:34; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 12:12-3; James 2:14-26; Psalm 68:35