Michael and Lynette Wilson
michael and lynette wilsonMichael and Lynette Wilson are serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators: Michael as a pilot/mechanic and Lynette as a linguist/translator.  After college, Lynette joined Wycliffe and earned a masters degree in linguistics.  She began her first Wycliffe assignment as an associate instructor training other missionaries in the linguistic principles necessary for Bible translation.  Michael became interested in missions during college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mission aviation.


While working as a pilot, he met Lynette through a mutual friend.  When Lynette was assigned to teach Spanish-speaking missionaries in Peru, Michael came to visit.  They were engaged when Lynette returned to the States and as she resumed teaching missionaries in Dallas, Michael began working toward his aviation maintenance certification in nearby Fort Worth.  They married in 2012, and Michael was certified as an airframe and power-plant mechanic in 2013. 


In January 2014, he passed the rigorous missionary aviation technical evaluation and joined Wycliffe shortly after.  Lynette finished her teaching responsibilities at the end of March and the two will continue developing a prayer and financial partnership team to join with them in their ministry.  Their overseas assignment in Australia began in September, 2015.  Lynette’s role will be as a linguist and Bible translator, while Michael will help maintain and fly planes that take missionaries to remote locations.