Our Mission

We are made to love and glorify God by following Christ and loving others.

Three key words that describe our mission are: 

We will reach out to our community and help those within our sphere of influence know God through faith in Christ. Together we will learn to know Him more intimately through our worship. As we know God through Christ we will pursue loving Him with our whole beings.
We will help those who know Christ grow in faith and spiritual maturity by providing opportunities for spiritual growth through Life Groups, Christian Life Classes, Discipleship Training, and various Bible studies. We will seek to become like Christ through relationships within the church family.
We will help those growing in Christ to love and serve others unselfishly as Christ did, by equipping and preparing for service and offering various opportunities to serve within the church and in our community and world.

We seek to live out our mission by:

  • WORSHIPING together as a local community of believers.
  • GROWING in spiritual maturity through discipleship, education, and small groups.
  • CARING for one another within the context of the larger church body and small groups.
  • COMMUNICATING the love of Christ to our world, both through local outreach and global missions.